Fan Chen

Fan Chen

Executive Director

Mr Fan Chen has over 32 years extensive experience in areas of academic research, mining and industries, including 20 years working experience with the Chinese government and Australian government as an environmental expert for industrial pollution prevention. Fan gained considerable experience at mining environmental management while working for the Department of Mines and Energy of the Queensland State Government.

After leaving his role in government Fan started his own business, focusing on mining equipment and natural resources investments. Through his careers, Fan has built up very broad business relationships with most of the major mining equipment manufacturers and operators in China and has promoted their products and services globally. More specifically, Fan maintains a very close association with most of the large mining and power generating companies in China to facilitate the development of their business in overseas markets.

Fan holds a Bachelor degree of Science from Xinjiang University in China and a MPhil degree from Griffith University in Australia.

Fan was honourable awarded the Centenary Medal of Commonwealth of Australia in 2003