Company Overview

The executive team of Kalahari Power have produced outstanding commercial returns in many diverse jurisdictions and have a reputation for integrity, innovation and commercial success. Rather than having a narrow focus with expertise in one country or in one commodity only, the team have operational and commercial experience across several commodities and industry sectors in both developed and developing markets.

Kalahari Power believes that the interests of management and shareholders must be aligned. This is imperative.

Far too often mining companies especially in the exploration and development stage have effectively been run by management for management at the expense of shareholders. This is simply not acceptable.
Kalahari Power addresses this directly by having the executive invest directly in the company and only receive performance compensation through equity awards.

At Kalahari Power the interests and objectives of shareholders and the executive team are completely aligned, namely to maximise the company’s sustainable value.

earth moving equipment in an open cast mine

Kalahari Power has the in-house skills and proven expertise to maximise the commercial value of mining based projects by focusing on the following:

• Maximising resource recovery by employing state of the art surface mining equipment and advanced innovative technology such as in situ gasification.

• Minimising both CAPEX and OPEX by focusing on compact mine designs. This focus not only reduces mining cost but allows Kalahari Power to operate to the highest environment standards by minimising both water consumption and effect operating cost.

• Employing expertise gained from first hand operational mining operations in North America, Australia, Africa and Asia. The Kalahari Power Executive combine extensive hands on operational expertise with outstanding commercial outcomes across the globe.

• Partnering with World Class power plant operators. This expertise extends to very large scale commercial power plant operations in Asia. World class energy conversion and cost effectiveness combine to make Kalahari an exceptional operator.

• Adhering to the highest safety standards and employing the best safety procedures. Kalahari’s expertise has been developed over many years, operating complex mines in multiple jurisdictions.